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A NEW LIFE ABROAD Accredited Agents provide a dedicated service and we are experts at immigration laws. This is reflected in what our clients say about us.

Richard and Jan Thornton

'A New Life Abroad' have been fantastic through the whole process, and we could not possibly have achieved this without your help. It has been a very long process, taking over 7 years in all, but totally the fault of the U.S. immigration system. Having retrogressed 5 years at one point due to a loophole in the employment based visa category, it was just perseverance on both our parts that got us here in the end. We fly to Phoenix, Arizona in May to finally fulfill our American dream. Thanks again for your help"


Simon Dando from Chorley to Brisbane


”I wish to thank Graham and all his colleagues at a new life abroad for all their time and patience they have given me over the years while going through my visa process. I now have my permanent visa granted and am off to Australia living my dream for real at the end of May . If you or anyone you know are thinking of immigrating to another country then I highly recommend a new life abroad to deal with your application.


Terry & Elaine Hawton.

" Thank you so much for your call yesterday. We were all delighted to hear the fantastic news about being issued our visas, what a fantastic start to the New Year for us. I just want to say that both Terry and I are so grateful to you and your colleagues for all your hard work. Your company’s professionalism and attention to detail throughout the whole process has surpassed our expectations. It’s only now that we fully appreciate how much work is involved in applying for permanent residency. Being honest, I think we’d of given up halfway through if we had tried to do this on our own. We are so glad that we decided to work with you. Having your expertise to hand has proved invaluable; in fact I don’t think that we could have done any of this without your help and guidance. We would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to emigrate. As soon as we have received our passports back from you, we will be planning a trip to Perth to validate our visas. We are all very excited about going over to Australia, and we will be sure to let you know how we all get on. Once again Graham, sincere thanks from both of us, everyone at A New Life Abroad has been just wonderful. Wishing you continued success for the future."

H. M. Wilson (Mrs)

"I write to acknowledge the return of £100, paid to your company. Although naturally disappointed, I appreciate that you carried out your Appraisal and that you were strictly honest in fulfilling your promise of returning fees if this was unsuccessful. "


Donna & Ian Brightman & Family

Gurnsey to North Bay Ontario Canada

" With the assistance of A New Life Abroad my family and I will soon be emigrating to Canada. Although we are an ordinary family, being a British military family we had some not so ordinary issues to deal with. Having an intermediary made dealing with these issues much easier and less daunting. Some questions and queries could be dealt with, without the lengthy process of having to contact the Canadian Immigration office directly There was always a friendly voice on the end of the phone and their hours being outside of normal working hours made talking to A New Life Abroad much easier and less rushed. It was also reassuring to know that by the time any paperwork had arrived at the Immigration office that it was all correct, as it had already been checked by a professional and so meaning that there were no delays due to avoidable mistakes on our behalf. I believe that the money paid to A New Life Abroad was money well spent and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to make their emigration dreams come true. "

Martin and Sara Dearlove

Bournemouth Dorset to Florida USA

"Sara and I have settled in Florida really well, the business is going very good indeed. We are both very pleased. Thanking all of you for your hard work and guidance in making our dream come true " "

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