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Emigrating to the USA from the UK - The United States is still one of the most popular emigration destinations in the world. The country features almost every type of landscape and houses one of the world’s most ethnically diverse populations. It’s also a country where the majority of its states experience all four weather seasons each year. The country continues to be favoured as a holiday destination, often resulting in travellers considering moving to the US permanently.

There are many reasons why people consider moving to the US from the UK. One of the main reasons may be to relocate oneself or the family because of a business or job opportunity. Other reasons may be personal preference or academic opportunities.

Regardless of one’s reasons for moving to the US, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the country’s geography, culture, climate, and economy, among other basic information.


Most Americans have a high standard of living, partly as a result of the country’s strong work ethic. Many understand that different and fulfilling opportunities abound in the country and that each person is responsible for his success. As such, employment is one of the reasons people emigrate to the country. Education and experience are heavily valued, so the country is one of the places students and professionals go to learn or train in different industries and professions.

Geography and Climate

The US is a federal republic of 50 states and the District of Columbia, which gives anyone moving to the country a handful of choices where to settle down and start anew. The localities within each state have differing landscapes, so one can find towns or cities near mountain ranges, valleys, on seashores, and in other settings. As diverse as its landscape, the climate in each state is just as varied, with the majority of the country experiencing all four seasons.

Culture and Lifestyle

Because the United States is a large country – 9.37 million square kilometres including inland water – one can expect cultural diversity. For the most part, Americans are generous and hospitable, easily welcoming and getting along with people of varied beliefs and cultures.

There are many ways to legally move to the US. As a worldwide relocation specialist, A New Life Abroad will carefully assess any family’s or individual’s situation and present the best course of action to make the process of moving to the US from the UK faster and more convenient.

A new life Abroad can help in the acquisition of a green card for permanent residence or a temporary visa that will allow one to stay in the country for a certain time during which he can decide to stay and apply for permanent residency. With over a hundred kinds of visas, we can help anyone apply for one of these types which might be ideal for the situation. We also share our expertise in helping families and individuals prepare for the cultural and lifestyle changes that are expected to take place when moving to the country.

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